Tuesday, January 09, 2007

road to countryside

On the eve of 2007, I tagged along two pairs of couples to a trip to Palm Beach at Sematan. Along the journey, we only get to discover how beautiful our homeland can be. It made me treasure nature even more. I love the greens we have.

The following photos are taken when my friend wanted to stop over to get some rambutan. These girls are of the local ethnics. I'm playing around with both color and B&W versions.

When it started, it was just this girl alone, with her baskets and leaf.

It was just leaf.. and the small baskets in front of her.. until..

.. another girl came up running towards her, and sat besides her.

She wants the attention too. Apparently, not camera-shy like Pink Cotton. Potential to lay their faces in front of camera in future. =)

After the rambutan, we went off to our destination - Palm Beach Resort, Sematan. (We were off towards a place where we didn't get any signal on our mobiles.)

Coming up next.

" Photos Note: All photos will be uploaded to my devianArt and flickr too. "


Pink Cotton said...

aiyoo you..folo 2 couples...jadi big bulb la u ..LOL

HEY excuse me...they din know their faces r goign to appear on ur blog ma...of cos they so willing to let u take...

u take so many pics of ppls daughter not sked later kena BOK ah?


allen said...

pink cotton you scold me again =( i m really that scoldable eh? =(

aiyo.. me no other half la.. i oso don wish to be bulb.. but.. sigh.. sob.. sob..

Pink Cotton said...

oops someone cry khi!

*make dono*

whistle whistle

allen said...

pink cotton u're evil..