Sunday, February 24, 2008

what happened on valentine's day?

CNY is over now. But I still have CNY related things to post about.

It so happened that Valentine's Day falls on the 8th day of CNY this year. What happened that day? Well, I definitely didn't send any bouquet, nor I had a romantic candle-light dinner.

Instead, I....

... joined in a karaoke session with Irene, Jimmy, Frankie and Adeline. But then, I felt like the odd one out, cos I was the fifth person in the room.

After screaming and yelling in the karaoke room, we were low on energy level. So, we hit the road and head straight to get some food.

When there's food, there'll always be Annna around.

Annna taking picha with her Nokia N-series with N-speedlite.

Nana playing with food, to be more precise -- fingers. lol

Irene sui or not?

It has come to my info that someone actually claimed both these ladies look like sisters, you think?

After makan-makan, the gang wanted to take some shots for Valentine's Day post, so we set off to Padungan area.

Flowers & soft toys, the hottest selling items on Valentine's Day.

Love me.

Cuddle me.

Be my valentine.

Last bit not the least, here's another shot of couple of the night. Well, they were the only pair hanging out with us that night.

Valentine's Day 2008.


ahlost said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Allen :P

allen said...

happy valentine's day.