Thursday, February 07, 2008

happy chinese new year!

Update: If you want to see the pictures below in larger resolution, please visit here and here. Thanks!

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Photo was taken at the Spring shopping mall.

It's the Mickey Mouse year this year. Year of Rat, according to the lunar calendar. I don't take photos of myself, so I'll let my model to do say the greetings for me. LOL!

Photo was taken at the Spring shopping mall, model: Annna.

The folks here started warming up way before the clock hits 12, you can hear the folks warming up with their arsenal. I risked my safety more than I did last year, by stepping inches more outwards from the house. Still, I couldn't get a nice decent composition. And, also, the fact that I'm staying in a single-storey house doesn't help either. I wished I have bigger compound, or I have second storey balcony for me to shoot with.

Oops, wrong focus. I was nervous. It was a bomb galore out there last night. LOL.

It looked as though the camera forgot the spectacles, cos the visions were all blurred. =P

Luckily I managed to spot that error, and corrected it. So, my subsequent shots looked better, and normal.

Hiding in the shelter, shooting the fireworks.

There, a series of fireworks shots taken from my place.

There only thing prevented me from stepping further outside was the kid opposite my house. He got addicted in throwing grenade and flash-bang last night, probably played too much Counter Strike. Look at the photo below, some of the crackers or bombs landed nearer than the one you see in the photo. -_-"

Dangerous la wei!!! He didn't even stopped throwing at my direction even though my physical presence was so obvious with my DSLR, and my tripod. -_-" I wonder if he was actually targeting me.

Anyways, once again, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all, and happy holidays to those who aren't celebrating!



ahlost said...

Happy Rattie CNY :)

allen said...

ahlost happy CNY.. it's ur year right? :D