Saturday, February 23, 2008

jimmy of hornbill annna

Photo note: Pictures shot straight to JPEG, adjusted levels in PS. Flash with Omni-bounce, tilted 45degree upwards.

What the hell's wrong with the post title? Hmm.. well, that's the title of this photo. It's made of Jimmy of Hornbill Anna. LOL! Sound so wrong.

Just a random post. I'm studying for the Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) Exam. A very last minute effort. LOL!


ahlost said...

Sempat you ber-blogging while studying.. All the best in your exam :P

allen said...

somehow feel stress ma.. must distress myself ma. LOL! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cheh...its an easy exam!!! Just shoot away!! LOL..=P

allen said...

LOL.. it's not too hard.. but will still feel stress a bit ma. Brain rust already.