Sunday, February 24, 2008

bunch of old friends

The bunch of old classmates had a gathering during CNY. Every time this year, we will have people coming back from all over the places, and continent. But the, the size of people coming to the gathering, shrinks over the time. This is understandable due to the commitment everyone has.

Everyone looks so different from last time now. Some have even stepped into parenthood already.

First picture without me, cos I was holding the camera. LOL!

Now my turn to swap a place, from behind the lens to in front of the lens.

Keep in touch my friends! :-)


Soon Hui said...

Hey, who's the guy holding a baby? I can see his face clearly...

allen said...

soon hui
The Man = Nee Siok's husband,
The baby = Nee Siok's son.


Soon Hui said...

ooh...Nee Siok's husband? No Wonder never met him before...

ahlost said...

How come Steven not in the 2nd pic?

allen said...

yeah.. only his 2nd time back.

cos he was the one holding camera lor! =P