Friday, February 15, 2008

expensive romance & english greed

I was greeted by an email from my former colleague this morning, with the subject Romantic Proposal.

What I was about to read next was rather shocking, at least to me.

It's at the front page of today's The Star newspaper anyways -- Ad exec stuns girlfriend with RM 54,000 marriage proposal.

Photo from the star: online.

Click here to read the online story.

A 26-year-old ad exec David forked out RM54k for his marriage proposal to a 24-year-old businesswoman Kelly. This David dude must be have deep pocket to do this proposal. Darn.

If you look beyond this hurrah, this David dude is working with an ad firm, so I can bet he would have a discounted rate for the quoted RM 40,000 billboard, with his so handsome portrait printed there. Oh, I got carried away a bit.

What I want to say is, the sum he has spent on a marriage proposal, I personally think it's too much. Dude, you could buy a (national) car with that kind of sum! But if they're stepping to the happily-ever-after phase happily, then congrats, and be blessed! I think that big portion of money can be channeled to the needy, or some charity organization.

I seriously think it's a waste. Too much of fantasy, and probably idol drama (偶像剧) overdose, I guess. Sigh.

He's 26, and I'm 26 this year. That's the only thing we have in common, oh, and we both wear specs too.


On other note, in England, the League plans to go global in the upcoming season. They plan to add a 39th game to the regular season. (The Barclay English Premier League have the teams play 38 games each season)

But, this 39th game, is to be played across the globe. Teams may be required to fly across half the planet to play this game.

This lunatic proposal is most probably driven by greed from the top management. Top managers like Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are fuming about it.

Obviously teams' performance isn't taken into account when they propose this.



ahlost said...

Wahrao..1k already i think it's too expensive.. what more to say 40k @.@

Anonymous said...

He got the money to spend it, and 40k is something tat they n everyone read the news will talk about it for a very long time. Its something different. 1K? erm, maybe u can hardly invite 1-2 tables for ur wedding dinner pal.

ahlost said...

[anonymous] I know he has got the money to spend it and I agree with you that a lot of people will be talking bout this for a very long time as its something different. But my dear, the 1k that I mentioned earlier was for the ad of proposal itself and not for the wedding dinner :)

cdason said...

yea.. total waste of money.. think the money could have been invested into something more useful, lake a house downpayment for them to stay in..