Wednesday, February 20, 2008

kidd to mavs deal finalized

It's done.

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The most speculated trade is finally penned. Jason Kidd is back to where he started his NBA career -- Dallas Maverick.

There has been a string of blockbuster trade recently, when the Lakers started with acquiring center/forward Pau Gasol from Memphis Grizzlies. Phoenix Suns followed the trend by swapping Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks with Miami Heat center Shaquille O'neal. Mike Bibby will be donning Atlanta Hawks jersey after spending several years in Sacramento Kings.

It is reported that both team had to come up with a unique proposal to make this transaction happen, which involves bringing Keith Van Horn, who hasn't played since 2006 Playoff, to fulfill the financial requirement in this deal.

Whatever that deal is, this sums up the latest blockbuster trade, which involves eight players in total.

The Mavericks get:
Jason Kidd, PG, 35 yrs old
Malik Allen, PF, 29 yrs old
Antoine Wright, F-G, 24 yrs old

The Nets get:
Devin Harris, PG, 24 yrs old
Gana Diop, C, 26 yrs old
Trenton Hassell, SF, 28 yrs old
Moe Ager, F-G, 24 yrs old
Keith Van Horn, F, 32 yrs old

Kidd is one of the best point guard in the game, all-time, will surely be seeking the elusive NBA title in his illustrious NBA career.

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