Tuesday, February 12, 2008

movie review: kungfu dunk

Update: The movie's so bad that I forgot to place my own verdict here. Well, I'll only rate it at 5/10. People, please wake up! This isn't his first time acting anymore. If he's seriously considering about his future in acting, please please brush up! Go back to acting class.

I know, I have not done movie reviews for ages already, but I just couldn't help but to let out a bit here.

I just got home from watching KungFu Dunk. I didn't feel like watching, but still give it a go in the end, as my friend wanted to watch it too, also because I'm a basketball fan myself.

Prior to the movie's release, I have heard so much about the movie, how great the movie is, how much Stephen Chow should fear when his CJ7 clashes with KungFu Dunk. I think there was too much hype in that.

When I was watching KungFu Dunk, I saw flashes of Shaolin Soccer, and understandably similarities from SlamDunk, the manga/anime. I can see their attempt to inject some human touch to it, i.e. a son searching for the lost parents, and the relationship between the 'star' and the 'agent'. But, in the end, I can only see those attempt crumbling all over. They just don't gel together.

Scenes aren't connected from one to another. Script is quite badly written. Gee.. I don't know if I'm giving such a bad review out of a rage. I feel that this movie has done a total insult to the game of basketball. It has showed little respect to the sport.

Sigh. I have said enough about Jay's acting, and this whole movie is just over-rated.

I think I would be more satisfied if I watch KungFu Panda.

Oh, and Star Cineplex showed the improvement which they should have implemented probably half a decade ago.

Sorry-la, blur image, taken with my w810i; but look, they got a LCD screen to show the "Today's Showtime". (which is actually a slide-show run in loop on Microsoft PowerPoint).

See, the ticket is computer printed one, no more hand marked one. Cool huh?

Even the back of the ticket looks like the one we get from TGV or GSC, or even Cathay. Cooool! (Sound so sakai, but what to do? We haven't seen any improvement over the years)

I go for the movie, but came out a unhappy movie goer.


Soon Hui said...

Thanks Allen, I always know that Jay Chou's acting is bad. But from your post I can see that Kungfu Drunk is just way too bad beyond description.

Jay is not a good director, he is not a good actor, and not even a good singer. His popularity reflects the silliness of our contemporary society and nothing else.

allen said...

soon hui well said.. yeah.. popularity is just way to absurd. haha.. KungFu DRUNK! wahahaha.. nice one!

btw.. happy cny!

rambochai said...

i had see also :) nice movie ... funny also .

allen said...

rambo hehe.. i just watched it on tuesday. haha.. i don't quite like it. =P

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