Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Since I've gotten the new flash unit -- Speedlite 580EX II, I need to get myself a new diffuser, aka the Tupperware, or the Cup. For those you have seen it before, you should know which one I'm referring to.

The reason is I need to increase the 'cup' size after switching to 580EX II. The size is slightly bigger than of 430EX, hence, the cup I had for 430EX won't fit in. These diffusers are considered rare items, not every camera/photography shop has them on the shelves. So, I decided to do a bit of online shopping.

I browsed through, that is where I bought my previous diffuser too -- Lambency Flash Diffuser. After placing my order yesterday, 19 February 2008, I got my orders delivered today via Poslaju!

Pos-laju has a bit pos-lambat syndrome today (note: Laju means fast in Malay language, while Lambat means slow).

I actually had to wait till almost 6pm before the Pos Malaysia van reached my front gate. Taking that away, it's quite fast actually. To have the order delivered the next 24 hour, it's quite satisfying.

Let's see what's inside the PosLaju package.

Unpacked the goods from PosLaju bag. (L-R: Bubble wrap, Lambency dome (on top of box) and Lambency Flash diffuser). carefully packed the ordered items with the bubble wrap, protecting the fragile items. On the left, there's the blue box, where the Lambency Flash diffuser (aka the Tupperware) is. The domes (4 colors) are place on top of the box, they're also bubble wrapped.

Lambency for 580EX, fits for mark II too.

On the left of the picture, the bubble wrap looks bit messy because I have unwrapped it earlier. But when I realised I forgot about snapping photos, I just simply place them back, so that I can snap this photo. Hehe.

Colorful dome was packed in the bubble wrap.

When I bought this diffuser for 430EX, it cost me around RM 85. But this time, has slashed the price to only RM 70.00. It's really a bargain. The diffuser produces amazing, satisfying lighting effect.

It's a bargain! If you're looking for a diffuser, give this a serious consideration. The only drawback is it's quite bulky. That's why me and Pazuzu, both Canon user, sometimes left the diffuser at home, or in the car.

There are three items in the bubble wrap:
- Stofen Omni-bounce
- Battery holder (8xAA)
- Memory card storage (holder)

Items in the bubble wrap.

Item #1: Sto-fen Omni-bounce

Note the original 'stamp' on top of the label there. It's an original Stofen Omni-Bounce.

The label at the back indicates stofen's official website, and it's originated from CA, USA.

I didn't take the picture of that diffuser itself, will show next time la. Next, the battery holder.

Item #2: PowerRex Battery Holder (8xAA)

The battery compartment.

8 of them in total.

A battery holder sure comes in handy for you to get your camera bag organized. You need these batteries for either your flash, or your battery grip. Fit in just nice to your camera bag.

The last item -- Matin Multi-card storage.

The memory card compartments.

This storage/holder helps you with getting your camera bag organized. You don't have to worry where you placed or misplaced your storage card. You don't have to leave your memory cards, be it CF or SD, or even Memory Sticks, scattered unorganized in your bag.

A CF fitting into one of the compartments.

This box can hold multiple types of memory cards! It can hold up to 4 CFs. I wish I had gotten this earlier, before I lost my 2GB CF in one of my wedding assignments last year. =(

Click to read, oh, and it's made in Korea.

This useful tool comes with quite a reasonable price too.

Last but not the least, another example of shooting with pop-up flash on 350D, and with Canon Speedlite 580EX II.

The picture on top is shot with the pop-up flash on Canon EOS 350D. You can see a shadow cast on the photography subject. However, with the swivel head of Speedlite 580EX II, you can do bounce light of your ceiling, distributing the flash onto your object. That should give you a better coloring on your pictures.

Now, I'm pretty much geared up for my next shoot. I feel good!


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Kiasu betol ini budak.. *LOL*

I'll buy those (not so) soon.. Must remind me to clear my debts first *ROFLMAO*

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ahlost said...

Wow.. I see the difference now... Pop-up Flash and speedlite..

Must not visit your blog too often ler.. *LOL*

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