Monday, February 11, 2008

hdr experiment

I was bored, so I tried to do this. Wanted to experiment this for a long long time already.
As I mentioned in the title, this is HDR photography.

Click the following to know more about HDR:
HDR images in photography - About Dynamic Range, Tone Mapping and HDR Imaging for photography.
High Dynamic Range Imaging (Wikipedia)

I grabbed my camera, and shot this hand-held with multiple exposures.

That's why the blur images. I need to get myself a new tripod, as my old one failed on me finally last night.


Pazuzu said...

use tripod wei ...
oh ya .. ur tripod bcome duopod ...


allen said...

pazuzu yala.. duopod.. haha.. sounds like dopod.. i dont mind dopod though! LOL!

we go hunt for it this weekend? :D

ahlost said...

Eee.. I wanna tag along can?

hmm.. better not.. later my pocket got lubang.. *LOL*

allen said...

ahlost come come.. hahaha.. post CNY shopping! LOL!