Friday, February 22, 2008

chap goh mei firework

It was Chap Goh Mei yesterday, it was the last time (fingers crossed) people showcase their arsenal depth. The skies were lit up by interesting firework displays, though the number was far too little if compared to the previous year's.

Went over to Friendship Park (马中公园) toshoot some firework display. I went there late, went there after family dinner at grandma's. It seems the epic/peak was over as I arrived.

So, I had to try my luck, see if there are people light up nice ones or not. I guess most of the people there went to sleep early last night.

Anyways, here are two of the shots I had last night.

Zoomed this composition too wide. The firework seemed so small. It doesn't provide any dramatic effect. (KIT 18-55mm 5" F/10 ISO 100).

I had the focal length set at 45mm, it provides better composition. It almost looked as though Cheng Ho statue was showcasing some magic out from his sleeves. (KIT 18-55mm 5" F/10 ISO 100).

And last but not the least, I shot this during Valentine's Day. It became a personal favorite. I kinda like the picture as a whole.

Lens: EF 50mm

What do you think? (Note: The photos weren't taken in RAW format. All were written straight to JPEG.)


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allen said...

hamang sui? hehe.. firework sui or annna sui?

=P Thanks for the sui anyways. :)

jimmychin said...

anna sui... wakkakakakakaa

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anna sui the perfume ka? =P