Saturday, February 02, 2008

jazzy nite with lorraine

I happened to drop by Mojo the other night. It was unplanned.

I was there to meet Pazuzu, and cos of that I was amazed by a beautiful voice singing jazz. I must say I know little about music, but the performance was sure nice.

The only complain was the place was a bit too small, and too dark for photography. I didn't have speedlite with me, even if I had one, it might not give the original feel.

Click here for more of Lorraine.

Photos were shot using EF 50mm lens, without speedlight. ISO was boost up to 800. I was reluctant to use 1600 cos of the noise produced by 350D.


ahlost said...

Beautiful Lorraine

allen said...

ahlost hehe.. i must say she has the charm..

Jimmy CHAI said...
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