Wednesday, April 02, 2008

nana bday part two

More of those who made their appearance in Nana's nest.

Tim (aka twvsk) with his Nikon.
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KY Chen.
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Frankie aka funkye.
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Rose aka ahlost.
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One of the reason my camera loves Nana's because she has wide range of facial expression.

Expression #1.
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Expression #2.
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Hehe.. Nice right?

And I love this a lot, just look at her. I think she's cute in this picha! The pose, the expression and the hair.
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I should round this up with in the next two posts, or probably just one more.

And here's a random picture of the day:

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Photo note: Photo was taken on long shutter exposure, and was taken during my last visit to Tao cafe. The camera was mounted on my then-tripod, before it died off, and before I got my Digipod.


ahlost said...

Hahaha.. Nana is really cute with every expression.. No wonder you like her so much.. tsk tsk...

The last pic very nice. I haven't tried with my 400D @.@

Eve! said...

Sweetness capture!!

Nice 1

T-MO-T said...

the camera love or u love...

ultranana said...

hahahaha.. Can do the Spot The Similarities! Look at CKY expression! All the same one. LAMAO

allen said...

don't we all like nana? :D Hehe..

long time no see you with your 400D le..

yup! thanks! :D Sweeet!

don't we all love nana? Hehehe..

Hehehe Yahor! Good one! LOL! It'll be hard to spot the difference. :P