Thursday, April 10, 2008

speedlite: the wireless way 1.0

I had chance to play with wireless flash when Pazuzu's Speedlite 580EX II showed up. We had experimented wireless flash before, coupling Pazuzu's unit with a Canon Speedlite 430EX, but the success rate was awful. We weren't sure why it's like that, what we did was just some trial and error experiments. 

This time, we're using two units of Speedlite 580EX II, with mine as the commander/master unit, and Pazuzu's as slave unit. I must say the success rate was much better than our previous attempt. 

Here are some of the photos taken that night, most of the time, we tried with the backlit effect.

Backlit = Glow.

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(Above) Slave unit was placed behind Rose, and with my master unit bouncing 45 degree upwards. With the slave unit firing behind Rose, it looks as though her head was glowing.

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(Above) Slave unit was again placed behind the model, I think the master unit was bouncing straight up towards the ceiling. However, the aperture for this was increased to F/8 or F/10. 

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(Above) Both the photos have similar setting as the one taken on Anna's.

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(Above) This was one of the very first attempts that night. The backlit effect wasn't as strong as I hoped for. The aperture for this was around F/2.8.

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(Above) Aperture was increased, or was it the ISO setting lowered? To be honest, I can't remember. EXIF was stripped off the image after I saved this as "Safe for Web.."

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(Above) Not exactly a backlit, the slave unit was placed on my right, but behind the subject in this picture. The Speedlite was directed towards the back of the subject.

Multiple Wireless Flash.

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(Above) We tried to emulate a studio's lighting setup on strobes and flash, with one unit of wireless slave flash, and the master unit bouncing towards ceiling (or was it to the right?). The flash coming from the right was a bit too much, causing some over exposure. This shot was achieved with aperture at F/2.8, and high ISO. I think it was taken at ISO-800.

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(Above) Similar composition, with similar setting, except that the Aperture was tuned to higher number at around F/10.

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I had fun, but Pazuzu was high. Hehe.. Just look at him on the right there. =P 

p/s: The wireless flash fired off in the last picture there. 


ahlost said...

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