Sunday, April 06, 2008

pikom pc fair @ kuching 2008

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I was there.

I toured the hall for one round.

And I left - empty handed.

Pikom PC Fair is only held once a year in Kuching since few years ago, and it is held at the same o' venue ever since.

The location is pretty strategic, but the quality of the venue could have been better. Organizers turned this car-park into a exhibition hall, and in my opinion, the place is bit too small. I hope there will be a better choice for such event in near future, maybe a convention center?

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I was told about the air conditioning in the hall this time round was bad. It seems the air condition wasn't working well. Or, was it because of the crowd in the hall?

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There is only one thing in my mind -- CompactFlash card for my DSLR, but I knew the price here in Kuching is so blardy expensive. I didn't even bother asking. For some reason, it's so much overpriced. I'd rather order it online, or get it from KL. It's not worth getting it here, cos with the retail price here, you buy two items in KL. (I should have snapped a picture of the item with price tag there.)

The Participating Exhibitors

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The booth is nicer this time round, nicely designed and made, and there are a lot more vendors/exhibitors coming up with good looking booth compared to last time.

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I think these booths can be better complemented with a better venue.

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We still lack the presence of cute promoters here. The only exhibitors with presentable promoter outfit is from Kingston. And that's it.

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The Brand

There are even companies flying in from KL/Peninsular to participate in the fair. Irene bought her new toys from a KL exhibitor.

It sounds like it's quite a bargain for her Dell XPS M1530.

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Robin has been telling me a trillion times that he doesn't understand why Toshiba notebook in Malaysia is so much overpriced. The price is so much different than they have it back in Australia. And one more notable difference is the keyboards used for notebooks in Malaysia, looks so much cheapskate than the ones used for Australia's.

We only get white, rubber-like material for the keyboard built here. But for the Australia ones, they have metalic, and solid keyboard, which make the notebook a class above the rest.

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The Crowd

It was crowded in the hall. But I guess that's mainly because how the booths are arranged, and the hall size has something to do with that too. Remember, Permata Carpark Building is a carpark, not exhibition hall.

There's bottle neck at certain areas in the hall. People had to squeeze through the crowd just to make way over to the other side. There are customers (especially) blocking the pathway, while checking the items out.

You might be able to feel how narrow the path is over there from the photos in this post.
I didn't get to snap the narrow areas, cos it was so narrow that I couldn't even wield my weapon camera out for snapshots. =P

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Flash Memory Drive

Flash Drive has gone cheaper and cheaper over the time. How much does a Gigabyte cost nowadays?

MYR 17.00

I used to buy a 2GB at about MYR 50, and with that price now, I can get myself a 4GB capacity. Cheap eh?

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That's all for the PC Fair. My only loot from the fair is just the photographs posted in this entry.


ahlost said...

you brought your dslr to the hall ah? @.@

allen said...

lol, ya lor! i dont have other cam liao... kolien..

levian said...
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levian said...

i didn't get to buy anything either. it was packed like crazy in there, walked a few rounds n i'm outta there big time !! *panting* i ended up at Saberkas, in search of a speaker. XD btw, i'd added your link. ;)