Wednesday, April 02, 2008

nana bday action highlight 2.0

Warning: More pichas in this post.

Let us continue with the highlights of the night, and let's get started with something light.

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JF posing with Nana.

Nana & Joel series.

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Let's do the Ultraman! *Zaaaaapp!!!*

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Nana seems lost striking an Ultraman pose, but Joel knows the best.


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I personally quite like this one.

And we have.. Spot the similarity -- CKY edition part 2. =P

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Ultranana got excited a bit here. =P

Excitement #1.
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Rose aka ahlost presenting the present to birthday girl!

Excitement #2.
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Ride of the night goes to....

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Joel riding on Tim!

Then, we also have the Nana-kena-tortured session. Pity her la.

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Poor girl. Kesian. She dislikes that thing they fed.

Will round up Nana's birthday in next post. :-) Stay tuned.


ahlost said...

The last part really kesian lar *LOL*

Na.. With really lots of expressions.. Joel so cute.. *ROFLMAO*

allen said...

yalor.. kesian nana..

and joel so innocent and energetic.. hehehe..

T-MO-T said...

joel bully me!
why ur pics all reddish wan ah...

bro use selective color...
reduce the red...also add and reduce others too...

allen said...

I guess that's cos the flash bounced off the wooden surface, hence the 'red' diffuser off the wooden wall/ceiling.

I didn't edit much too, just simply post it up for occasions like this.