Tuesday, April 15, 2008

update delay...

I've been trying to defrag my Drive C since the weekend, and never got to complete the defragmentation even till now. -_-

Initially it stopped at 16%, and says that there are some files there are some files cannot be defrag. Then I had to do the disk cleanup, and I managed to free up to around 4GB space. Gosh, temp files stored in your Windows OS can really kill, or at least slow down your PC performance.

Since the built-in Defrag Tools ain't working, I've decided to download a third party Defrag Tool, and give it a try.

So, there will be no update just yet. It's pretty late now, so must sleep first.

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Here I include a photo of the day to make up for the no update I have had since Saturday.

Photo Note: Taken at the Spring.


ahlost said...

Wery nice pic :)

allen said...

hehe.. thankiuk thankiuk..

johnston said...

hmmmmmm.... C lah clah!!!! Very NiCCCceee Photo Shooting lah... :)

allen said...

hehe.. haha.. thank u!