Saturday, April 26, 2008

irene at lake park

After some delay, here are Irene's photos taken from my 350D.

At first, I wasn't able to make it to the outing. But since there were slight changes to plan, I managed to squeeze this photo session through to my Sunday schedule.

I was inspired by one of Jenny Sun's recent posts in her blog, so, I took this opportunity to test it out. I would like to see how the end result would turn out to be myself.

Jenny uses her 50mm f/1.2 for her shots, and since I don't have a f/1.2 lens, I used my EF 50mm f/1.8 with my 350D instead. My personal main objective is to experiment shooting portrait with widest aperture at f/1.8. Here are some of the results.

Image properties:
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/1.8

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Look, Ma! A heart!

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Played with bit of desaturation, actually more like blending a black and white layer on top of original shot.

Image Hosted by
Adjusted the Levels properties.

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I used my EF 90-300mm f/4.6-5.6 for this shot.

Image Hosted by
EF 90-300mm f/4.6-5.6

All photos were taken straight to JPEG, instead of the usual RAW. There were only minimal enhancement added to the photos, e.g. Adjusting levels, exposures, etc. No major alteration was performed.

Up next, some of the blooper shots from this session.


ahlost said...


Irene is photogenic.. Envy..

No more liao ah? *LOL* said...

nice series. different photographer have different eyes and that create different feel. the bokeh is excellence.

allen said...

lol.. yeah.. finally..

hehe.. no more liao lor.. i didn't take much.

next time join in lor.. :P

thanks thanks! :) hehe.. the bokeh part was inspired by jenny sun

robin said...

ahahahaha... it was a good choice for her to wear that striking red shirt, against all the dominating (ok stop thinking about dota for a minute will u) green color at the background !

Edwin Lay said...

Bokeh is excellent...

Nice series... especially the special edition featuring Alvin hahahaha

allen said...

[ edwin ]
Thanks! hehe.. Alvin is a good model, potentially a top male model, or even instructor. hehe.