Monday, April 21, 2008

happy bud-day to ahpaul

Let's take a break, cos it was ahPaul's birthday couple days ago.

I'm late in posting this, and i should add a 'belated' in the caption there, but I know ahPaul wouldn't mind. Hehehe..

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Birthday boy with victory sign, posing with his birthday tiramisu. He's only one-year-young.

ahPaul turns a year bigger now! :D hehehe..

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You will have to man man wait for the banner/poster from me lar. Will post more of the pic that night later. Time to sleep

End note: It's already 20 days past April. Dang! Time sure flies! >.<


ahlost said...

Eee.. Nice pictures :P

Happy (belated) birthday Bro :P

AhPauL said...

weee... cool... i like this pics. ^^