Thursday, April 24, 2008

behind the scene: irene at lake park

Okay, finally. I'm the last to post about this. Gee.

So, I have to squeeze this one in, between my pending stuff.

One fine Sunday morning, there was a photo shoot session at Lake Park, Pazuzu and Edwin arranged for the shoot. I couldn't make it at first, but somehow, I could spare some time that morning.

So, there I was, making a cameo appearance and snapped few shots.

I will show some behind-the-scene shots first.

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The big gunners - Edwin, Pazuzu and Shen.

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Up next, some of the shots I took that day.


Gette said...

I love behind the scenes shots.

allen said...

hehe.. behind the scene shots are always interest. :D said...

wah lau... classic!!! i love the pics.

ahlost said...

Like Gette.. I love the behind scene shots.. Hehehe...

allen said...


hehe.. interesting eh? :P

I just noticed i got typo in my first reply. haha..