Monday, April 07, 2008

mini musical fair @ theSpring

Let us rewind to Saturday, 4th April.

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Before set of Pikom PC Fair, I hung aroundd the Spring while waiting for my friend. There I bump into the dynamic duo -- Irene and Jimmy.

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Irene, apparently her hair goes back to normal after wash, no more OL look.

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Talented young musician showing prospects with organ perfomance.

The organ performance was captured with my EF 90-300mm F/4.5-5.6 USM. Don't quite like the quality. I think it doesn't perform when it's used for indoor shots, or even low-light environment.

If not mistaken, all the shots were shot at max 300mm.

Then a er hu performance followed after the organ performance.

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I like how the sunlight touches the subject here.

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... and here too.

It wasn't long before my friend called. I was off to Pikom PC Fair after that.


ahlost said...

Eee.. I love to see those kids playing the instruments. So cute..

levian said...

the old man is kinda cool !! totally in his own world. ;)

allen said...

hehehe.. get your own kids maybe? teach them next time.

hehe.. the old man modeled for me.. hehe.. he nodded his head as a 'thank u' gesture as soon as i was done shooting.. hehe..

ting said...

eeeeeee... chu bo jio!!