Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a series of problems

Due to the reason mentioned above, I was unable to update anything. My desktop PC is show a series of problem. For some reasons, the performance was really slow, even after defragmentation, and hard disk clean up. 

I haven't had much chance to use my newly acquired Mac-hine yet. And for that reason, I haven't been able to download something, and will not be able to play DOTA with someone.

Last resort to solve the slow PC performance issue is to go through the Format + Re-install/Restore cycle, which I would love to avoid very much. 

I guess I will have to put my desktop aside for now, until I got all the pending issues cleared.

Posting will resume by tonight, I hope, with my Mac-hine.


ahlost said...

manyak hal lar you.. faster update liao. If not hor.. Your mac-hine so wasted lar *LOL*

allen said...

yalor! manyak tersangat oh.. -_-