Monday, March 31, 2008

ultranana birthday number double two

More update from nana's birthday. I have about 200+ shots, after filtering. And here's some of the highlights. :D

Hehe.. Wanna update this before March ends. I have got only an hour to do so. The time's 10:59PM now.

Some of the blogger-gang made time to taste UltraNana's cooking. Here are just a few of them:

Alvin aka Pazuzu.
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Gladys, KY Chen aka Chinaman, me & JF (and there're more ppl in the reflection behind us)
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Sharon & Gladys, with Tim holding his Nikon.
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UltraNana: "SWT!!! Banana.... On second thought, maybe can make pisang goreng. Huehuehue.."
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Nana unrolling some scroll...
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And.. it's a poster..
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Anna & Anna.
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Some more to post when April comes. :-D


ahlost said...

Aiyoh !!!

Why like that de? Sekaligus post habis can?

Btw, nice photos !!

allen said...

hehe.. have to show part by part a bit ma.. if not i don't have things to post other days wor.. =P

thanks thanks! :)

ultranana said...

wooot... so fast..

ahlost: i got the whole set of the pichas. Hahahah

I like the last pic. Anna&Anna

Just like the movie, Anna & Anna..

allen said...

hehe.. yup fast and fast.. hehe.. must update frequent.. LOL..

Yeah.. last pic's title is inspired by the movie we watched that nite.. =P