Friday, March 28, 2008

sigma wide 10-20mm F/4.0-5.6

Time for update!

Was going thru the pile of photos I took sometime ago. I tested Pazuzu's Sigma 10-20mm on my 350D, and randomly fired off the shutter.

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See, the distortion can be used to your creative edge.

The ultramonkey cartoon is courtesy of Annna, and it's here with a purpose to beautify the picture shown above. =P

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Pazuzu, posing with that wide angle lens.

And it's 28th March today, so it's Annna's Birthday! Happy Birthday Annna!

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Last but not the least, Annna's ultramonkey pose.

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End Note: I've been rather busy, so the blog's update is still quite irregular.


Soon Hui said...

Annna! is this the Anna I know since my secondary school?

allen said...

soon hui
omg! you forgot how the Anna our old classmate looks like already? gee..
she'd be sad if she reads this..

They don't look alike at all ah.. said...

jealous. i also want wide angle leh...

allen said...

lol.. i also want le..
ain't my wide angle.. hehehe..

ahlost said...

Eeeeee.. why got ultramonkey de?

Happy 22 years old, Naaaa Kaaaappp

Soon Hui said...

Allen, of course I remember our classmate Anna, but they look so much alike .

allen said...

hehehe.. cos it's there to make picha pwett-ier ma..

they look alike meh? hehehe.. i don't think so.

ultranana said...

Haha.. Thanks kaaaaaaaaap!

allen said...

you're welcome kaaap...