Tuesday, March 18, 2008

experiment - no flash + F/1.8 on 350D

Birthday Note: Happy Birthday to you. :-)

Time for update!

A total workout is what I need at the moment, to tone down my physical size now. And, that is what I got on Sunday.

I went for a Counter-Strike live version on Sunday! LOL. Just kidding. I was at Pasir Pandak for a Paintball session. I didn't bring my camera gear along, cos I thought it was a bad idea, I don't want my camera to be a war casualty right? Some more I don't have a xiao bai (EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS). Haha..

So, there's no picture to the activity that day. Click here for the website/blog for Borneo Paintball Scenario. I think Ehon wrote about it before.

After getting muddied on Sunday, I went back to my basketball routine on Monday.

I thought it'd be nice to try out some photography setting. I only have a lens capable for the setting.

I started out with F/2.8 and ISO-400, it was dark, even I enhanced the aperture to F/1.8 on ISO-400, it wasn't that nice as well.

I don't have those photos with me, cos I deleted them straight from camera! =P I forgot to leave it for sampling.

Anyways, here are some shots, and the image properties captioned within the pictures. All photos are just as it is straight from camera.

I shot the photos all to JPEGs, no editing or correction done to the photos.

Sequential (Continuous) Burst Shots II

Sequential (Continuous) Burst Shots II

A few more to share in next post.


Soon Hui said...

Allen, who's in the pics?

allen said...

those you know are fook and yee wee, the rest are strangers to you. :)