Sunday, March 09, 2008

yes, i do

Short Talk: It was election day on 8 March, and we may be witnessing a political tsunami this time round. Unfortunately, I didn't set a good example to follow, as I didn't register myself to vote. I should have done it earlier.

I received a red bomb, aka wedding invitation, last month, and here some of the many shots I took on that day.

I think I seriously need a couple new gears to improve my workflow, to increase my efficiency, and to produce better quality.


gLaDieZz said...

Wah... Their room in red.

allen said...

yup.. Red! Nice eh? :D

Anonymous said...

huinee look so pretty

well done.. was lookin at their pics on faceboook


allen said...


yeah.. she looks pretty..
how're you? :-)

ahlost said...

Wow.. So red.. But I like. Hehehehe..

allen said...

yup!! red.. very nice!! hehe.. i like their bed which goes pretty well with the red wall.. :P

job said... red, huh? anyways,no worries, there are so many people forgot to register for the election..:)

allen said...

yeah.. it's red alright. hehe.. nice color.
yeah.. we should exercise our rights as citizens.