Sunday, March 30, 2008

annna's double two @ her nest

It was her birthday on the 28th.

She joins the rank of double two.

And she also had a new look, new hair.

She is Annna!

A few shots taken on that day.

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The birthday girl.

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Blowing the double two.

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Yummy, Oreo cheese cake.

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Nana and Joel.

Lastly, a random sky pic of the day:

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A very unique Kuching sunset.

God is such a beautiful painter. More to post on Nana's birthday next.


ahlost said...

Aiyoh.. Why hang ppl's taste bud?

Faster update next one liao !!!

Soon Hui said...

Ooh, OK. This Annna is not that Anna that I know since secondary school.

But why you like to use her as your model ?

Eve! said...


allen said...

hahaha.. update later today. you also update yours liao..

haha.. yeah.. not her.. =P different ppl.
er... cos she's cute? hehehe..

sushi eve! hehehe.. yeah.. sweet nana!

Soon Hui said...


use me or our ex classmates as model lar! haha

allen said...

hahaha.. yeah.. when you're back next time lor. =P