Monday, March 03, 2008

it's march already?

Man.. it's March already, can be you believe that? 3rd month into year 2008.

I'm bit tied up now, I have a couple sets of projects due for delivery, and I have friends seeking for favor in design.

So, for the mean time, it'll be just one picture per post until I have cleared the pending tasks.


Law of the Lillies said...

i like this one the most bro!!! prob it took me a while to figure out whether it is a cat or a dog or a ....hmmm furry alien creature with pointy ears! perspective. def cool! :)

btw am a lil behind on the online you still have the cny pics from the ones standing in front of RH plaza? of all the places????

all the best for the...projects? how generic! :)


allen said...

hehe.. i don't know how i shot it.. somehow. LOL.. sneak behind the back.

I have sent those photos to chia chee and chris.. if you want me to send a copy to you.. drop me a mail in my gmail..? so that i know which email account to send to you to.


elvawenn said...

Hey that's my cat! :D

btw I can only lend you veronica mars, since when I gathered them up, 3 seasons equals 3 dvds or more. O_O

allen said...

yeah.. your cat! meow!