Tuesday, March 18, 2008

something better than kungfu dunk

As my experiment continues, I thought that we were actually much, much better than what the J-dude could offer in KungFu Dunk.

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He wore like Peja Stojakovic, but didn't shoot like him. At least not in this sequence. Hehe. But one thing for sure, He was on fire that night.

All the shots posted here are not edited, unless stated.

The edited one (above) shows my good o' friend made a crazy attempt to shoot the ball.

So I fired freely for a bit, cos I was waiting for my turn to get back into the game. I lost the opening match. LOL! Not much to talk about really, just fire the shutter away...

I think the lighting in the hall isn't bright enough. If not, I may need better body for higher ISO capability to do such shots. I wonder how the photographers shoot in NBA games. The lightings there are much better?

Jay-C, this is how you dunk! =P

Can you feel the game?

Game on again next Monday!


Peja 16 - 12 = 4 (Me) said...

Dude.. why put up the lousy shot that i made?? sigh...

allen said...

boh pien lor. you didn't make that shot leh..


ahlost said...

Hahaha... Nice nick lar peja 16-12=4 @.@

[allen] those pics a bit dark hor.. if put high ISO, too yellowish wor.. hmm.. time to get new body?

Pazuzu said...

wah .. u teaching photography hia?


allen said...

haha.. no la.. just sharing..
and just find something to blog about lor.

Anupam said...

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