Tuesday, March 04, 2008

annna did a giordano @ the Spring

Psst... Let me tell ya something...: I just added something to my wish-list, or something to work for this year.. That makes two items. Hehe. Two to add to the recently acquired new toys. =P

As I typed this entry, I just realized it has been almost 2 months since the Spring started its operation. Gee, that just shows how fast time flies nowadays. Gosh.

Anyway, let us just fly back to January a bit. I actually had Annna posing.. Hahaha!

The Spring was so crowded back then, everyone was there to have their own 'see see look look' session. Background ain't 'clean' enough to do this shot.

Two attempts, and off we run after that. LOL! So paiseh. Back to work again. :-)

Oh, and now that Joanne mentioned about the Palm Beach resort, she just reminded something - it's been a long while since I last did a travel log. I wish I can travel now, but budget is a big concern now.


ting said...

anna really wan to be a model hor...

allen said...

haha.. ya lor.. modelling with anna.

ahlost said...

allen should model also ler.. cannot always become the photographer only.. HOR !!!

allen said...

LOL! can.. wait for my turn to throw red bomb lor. =P sure have to be model tat time liao