Thursday, January 03, 2008

year in review 2007... part two

... continued from last post.

July 2007.
I attended my first Rainforest World Music Festival. I flew to Sibu for work trip. I flew to KL for IBM's Blade Center Day at One World Hotel. And.. I appeared on a Chinese local daily -- Sin Chew Daily. Oh, I met Kid Chan for the first time in Circle of Amour.

August 2007.
I went back to KL for holiday, and still think that PC Fair held in KL Convention Center is the greatest! How nice if we can do the similar one in Kuching, at least a better venue.
Attended Rynn Lin (林宇中) at SUPP Hall, thanks to Annna's tickets.
Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjear retired from professional football due to long-term injury.
Malaysia turned 44 this month. Malaya achieved independence 50 years ago, but Malaysia wasn't formed until Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore joined in year 1963.

September 2007.
Welcomed new addition to the family -- Coco and Jojo. Thanks Annna!

October 2007.
Malaysia was generous to sponsor a space tour with tax payers' money. Wise move! Oh, and Muslims celebrated Hari Raya Puasa.

November 2007.
Been hit by red bomb galore. I somehow managed my survival.
I found the reason that would keep me smiling. :-) It'll just brighten up my day, whenever I thought of this reason.

December 2007.
My 12-month-contract came to its end. I have been a free agent since then. Covered few events, including Rock Party, and a Chinese Orchestra performance. Wanted to do a shot on New Year Countdown firework, but mother nature spoiled everything with the rain. :-(

I didn't manage to include every single detail in this tiny recap, but what matters more is that we're in 2008 now, it's a new year, a new beginning for a new chapter.



Soon Hui said...

I smiled whenever i thought of the reason

What is the reason, Allen?

allen said...

soonhui i didn't type that soon hui. hehe.. i never typed i smiled whenver i thought of the reason.

ultramonkey said...

wah.. can remember ur whole year happenings.. i can barely remember when and what happened. hhahaha

have a great new year!

allen said...

nana haha.. not really.. i just refer to my blog archive. LOL!

same to you! great year ahead! :-)