Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my privilege book launch - fashion show part ii.

Short Note: I'm trying to host my images on ImageShack, switching from flickr.

The fashion show continues with a vast variety of dress being paraded along the red carpet.

This model below is actually one of my favorite for the day, and this dress is quite nice.

My favorite picture so far.

Lovely, isn't she?

Back view of the dress.

She's cute too.

And, I shall leave the rest of the fashion galore for your viewing pleasure.

More to come after this.


rambochai said...

wow... kuching also got very good fashion show wor....

allen said...

rambo hehe.. not bad la.. they imported models from kl ma.

ultramonkey said...

anoh anoh.. Kch de kana chai ka ane.. HAHAHAHA

e said...

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