Saturday, January 12, 2008

my privilege book launch - hairshow by ray hair salon

Short Note: Update on what I have been doing 11 days into year 2008. Been ill, lost my voice, regain my voice, suffered from bad cough, visited the Spring almost everyday since it's opening on the 9th (opened to invited guests only).

This post is a continuation from the book launch. I wasn't able to update right after the previous post as I was sick for a while. I'm still suffering from bad cough now, other than the cough, I'm pretty much okay now. :-)

Here are some shots from one of the two hair shows lined up for that day. These shots were taken during the prelude of the first hair show, which was presented by Ray Hair Salon.

All models were sporting the pre-cut look, and paraded through the runway.

All pictures were arranged in random order, and they are not in sequential order. It's late now, I'm too lazy to add captions to every single photos.

I'll get update some more photos after this.

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