Friday, January 04, 2008 -- My Privilege Book launch by IVOQ Concept Co.

IVOQ Concept Co introduced new way of advertising of lifestyle related businesses to Kuching when they launched My Privilege Book on the 1st January 2008.

I was honored, and lucky, to be part of the invited for this event coverage.

My Privilege Book is a compilation of discount vouchers provided by 125 lifestyle related businesses in Kuching, which comprise over four sectors: Retail, Dining, Entertainment and Services. Total cash value of discounts provided in the book would be at least RM2,500.

This book serve as a guide book for the consumer, and as a medium for exposure for the merchants.

Distributions of the book are through participating merchants, road shows and independent distributors. All locations would be listed out in the their website at

My Privilege Book aims to help the public save while they enjoy at the same time. It is hoped that word-of-mouth advertising will increase, as it helps in providing effective advertising at reasonable price.

My Privilege Card is attached to every My Privilege Book. It serves as a mode for consumers to enjoy additional privileges throughout the year. For Merchants, it serves as a mode for merchants to carry out any additional promotional activities throughout the year. Merchants can carry out any promotion. Customers can participate in the promotional activities when presenting the card.

There were a few familiar faces there at the book launch.

JF and Pazuzu were among the photo-enthusiasts.

The launching was scheduled at 1pm, and it is to be launched/officiated by Alan Sim. Speech was given by Jodie, and was followed by Alan's.

Token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Alan Sim by Jodie and Angelina

Some of other shots from the event that day.

Staff member distributing the goodie bags to the invited guests.

"Ma.. I think I'm gonna fly... "

Still to come -- the hair show and the fashion show.


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ultramonkey said...

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