Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my privilege book launch - fashion show part i.

Action packed programs lined up in conjunction with the book's launching the other day. The highlight was surely the fashion shows paraded by models imported from KL's modeling agency for this event.

The participant foe the fashion shows include:
- Absolutely Dress Gallery
- Cozzi Boutique
- Cocoon (i.e Collection)
- De Home Boutique
- Great Wall Photo (Bridal Wear)
- Natale Collection
- Jp Boutique
- Orangety

A worthy mentioned name is Isansmyth, a brand name presented by De Home, and is designed by a local fashion designer Smyth Wong.

The pictures below are not presented in any particular order.

More to come after this one.


ultramonkey said...

second last pic, the fella looking at the model.

fella tells man behind him, "weh weh.. sui leh sui leh.. lu kua, pang tian hok wa lei.."

gal next next to him, "err.. wu nya borh?"

allen said...

ultramonkey muahahaha.. i got good imagination wor.

e said...

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