Monday, December 31, 2007

year in review 2007... part one

Short Note: Happy belated birthday to wen on 29th of Dec. Cheers!

Year 2007 has only few hours left before year 2008 is ushered in. Yet, I still find it hard to believe that it's already another year. Time really flies, doesn't it?

It's a norm for us to look back at the year, and see what our achievements are. Here is how my year 2007 was.

January 2007.
I completed my first month of my 12-month-contract with my new employment since I relocated back from the West.

February 2007.
My cousin had his holy matrimony held on 6 February 2007. That was when I got my first wedding assignment. Martin Scorsese's The Departed won the best film in the 79th Oscar. I got my Sony Ericsson W810i.

March 2007.
Pretty quiet March, unlike the usual March Madness. Dropped by a bridal fair held at the old court house. But the craziness only comes at the end of March.

April 2007.
This is a crazy month, since end of March. I have a lot of "back but away again" in this month. This month alone. I made 5 trips within a month. The five trips were to Miri, Bintulu, Sarikei, Bintulu, and Sibu. Half of the month I spent away from Kuching. Worse still, I spent most of the time working in a server room, talking to servers. -_-"

May 2007.
Mother's Day's in May. It was quite a quiet one. Not much happened, except for work, and work. Those traveling in the previous months are taking the toll now. I was rather tired, exhausted. I was struggling to recover from there, and I had 2 more trips to make, to Sibu and to Miri.

June 2007.
I turned 25 this month. A quarter century old. It was also a Happy Father's Day month. I was there to see Power Station (from Taiwan) rocked Kuching. I snapped the phenomenal ring surrounding the sun in the sky. Sheer Unique officially opens for business at DUBS Commercial Complex.

... to be continued.

I must post this before the year ends, just to show my kiasuness -- our national spirit, Malaysia Boreh! Part 2 will come tomorrow! Hahaha.. no photograph is included in this post. Not until I amend it later after tonight's photo shoot.

I hope to catch some firework.


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