Thursday, December 20, 2007

mr. free agent

Short Note: I'm still alive, people! Despite the red bomb galore, I am still intact in one piece. I still have another wedding dinner to attend to this Friday. Congrats to Kim and Enoch!

I have not been updating as frequent as I wish to for almost one month. I was tied down with busy schedule, with office and off-office work. And I've been trying to prepare myself for this -- my contract expiration.

Yes. My one-year contract expired on 17/12/2007. I am now a free agent.

Anyone interested in signing me? If you're familiar with football or even NBA term, I sound like Micheal Ballack before signing with Chelsea, or Shaq signing for Miami Heat, or even David Beckham signing for L.A. Galaxy. Now that England has appointed Fabio Capello as the new England manager, I had my hope severely dashed. Can't apply for that vacant hot seat anymore. =(

I wished it could be as easy as their case. I had been thinking a lot, and am still thinking, pondering about my next plan.

As for now, I'm just trying, trying hard to feel how it is like to really enjoy the holiday season, for once in many, many months.

In any case, if you would like to snatch me from the free agency pool, please do drop me a comment here!



Soon Hui said...
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Soon Hui said...


I am considering taking you as a free agent, seriously.

You see, I have a new blog It's common sense, stupid.
I am thinking of someways to popularize it and if possible, to monetize it.

Interested to work it out?

Jimmy CHAI said...

did you receive the random mail i got this morning for those seeking jobs in m'sia and s'pore? I hv no idea who's that guy, but the first thing came to my mind, there was only one person i knew he needed one, and i forwarded to you. merry x'mas.