Saturday, August 25, 2007

weekend bonus

Weekend Bonus: Bonus one photo more. I wish I can write more, but I just can't quite yet. I'll be zooming out to Sheer Unique in a while more. Maybe later.

One of the stage performers from our own Rainforest World Music Festival.
(I have a LOT MORE of those in my archive to be shown here!)

Two lovely ladies who were nice enough to pose for my lens in my recent visit to PIKOM PC Fair in Kuala Lumpur. (Jacklyn on the left, Stephanie on the right)


Soon Hui said...

Allen, you are still posting? Thanks to google reader, I can now read your updated blog in no time!!

allen said...

soon hui yup still posting. but losing the traffic already due to the inactivity -_-.

thwen said...

Uncle Allen, more pictures please?

allen said...

hui wen im really uncle liao ka??

more to follow.. when im free. :P

Soon Hui said...

Allen, get everyone to use google reader to keep them abreast of your content