Wednesday, August 29, 2007

rynn lin

I only got to know about the event the night before. I left a message at Annna's, and she responded the next day, via SMS.

Thanks to her, I could go to the event. And as an token of appreciation, I promised her to take some of the photos of the talented Rynn Lin (林宇中). This fine lad is originated from Kuching. He was formerly a student in Kuching Town High School.

Rynn himself.

The host.

The fans.

More to come. ;-) Soon, I hope.


annna said...

yay! pichas~

thanks.. sry now baru checkout ur blog. was busy with u noe wad.. xDDD

allen said...

Annna yeah.. pichas!! Hehe.. yeah.. I know.. you've been busy with owning owning god-like :P understand one..