Thursday, August 30, 2007


It is a rare sight to see Malaysian national side to make it to the Final round in any soccer tournament nowadays. Nevertheless, that was the fact in latest edition of Merdeka Football Tournament.

On top of that, Malaysia, who fielded their U-23 side, came out as a 3 - 1 victor over Myanmar in the Final, and reclaimed the Merdeka Cup for the first time since 1993. Job well done, I guess.

Would this be a new beginning for the ailing Malaysian football? A new era? A revival? I would say it is still too early to say, and a lot more have to be done. It's best for the management and players alike not to get drifted away with the recent honor.

Let's see which direction are they turning to.


Soon Hui said...

I saw a few minutes of the game. Malaysia wasn't very impressive, but at least it won the cup. A good start I guess.

After being such a sucker team for so long, at least our national football team delivered something yesterday.

thwen said...

If I'm not mistaken, the guy who coached that team who won was promoted to be the national team's senior coach...

allen said...

SoonHui We'll just see what direction they're going, we shall be able to see it soon.

Hui Wen Really? I have no clue on that.