Saturday, August 11, 2007

preview on kl trip recap

Short Note: It's getting hazy in Kuching, yet again. It has really become our annual climate already. Also, I found my name here. =D.

What I have done in KL? Nothing much really, just shoot more than a 1000 shots (unfiltered, unwanted shots included), bought a printer.. and..

details later..

Here's a picture for to see what I had last weekend.

Pikom PC Fair 2007 @ KL Convention Center. I really miss the KL version.

Probably these are the reasons why. =P

Eye on Malaysia, how could I not be there? It's Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

Details to come later on. :-)


thwen said...

Hmmm, you've used a slow shutter speed for that last picture, right? I haven't tried that yet... Maybe I should...

allen said...

yeah.. slow shutter on tripod. :)