Wednesday, August 22, 2007

photo of the day

Birthday Note: Happy Birthday Mich. (21 Aug) ;-)

Eye On Malaysia @ Titiwangsa Lake
Kuala Lumpur,
(click for full view, recommended)
Caution: Big file if full view.


robin said...

so u just photograph it, or did u ride on it as well??

allen said...

robin both. photographed and rode. :-D

Jean said...

very nicely taken.


allen said...

jean hello.. thanks thanks! :>

YOMI said...

very nicely taken. I should check it out too. But dunno if I dare to sit on it yet. Hahaahah!! I love the colours of the lights.

allen said...

yomi thanks! you should try. :) it's not that scary.... until it stops rotating, and it just hangs there.