Sunday, February 04, 2007

countdown (random)

We're just a day away from the big day. After tomorrow, it will happen.

While the wedding is just a-day away, Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is approximately 2 weeks, or 14 days away.

How's everyone's preparation for the celebration?

Even flickr has gone for a massage, I seriously think of a vacation sometime soon.

It know the season is wrong, but still I feel like posting these photos.

Just try to imagine them singing Chinese New Year tune la. Gongxi Gongxi ni~.

Mei tiao da jie xiao xiang~ (每条大街小巷...)

" Photo Note: All photos published here are all extracted from my old image archive. All photos were taken with Canon A70. "


robin said...

yay... cny coming !!!!!

maybe we should do a small bloggers cny gathering eh?? ahahahaa would be fun !

13th Panda said...

HEY!how come only those few girls got color huh? Does that mean ur attention is only on someone there?LOL!

allen said...

robin i doubt i can make it during CNY.

panda no la.. just random la. LOL!

Pink Cotton said...

hehehe big day huh??


hows my preparation??like that lorr...

hmm go for a vacation la...air asia cheap2 oni :P

allen said...

pink cotton you going to the little island? =P

i want to go oso..

or2ng3s said...

allen, dun be copycat, tailing ppl ma~ think of somewhere fresh ma. kekekek :p

Soon Hui said...

Allen, who were they singing for?

allen said...

orange where got tailing ppl la. =P i just said i wanna go only ma.. din say i wanna follow.

soon hui those are archive photos. they're x'mas caroling.