Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the wedding.. (not my wedding, i'm not married!!!)

" Update: A friend just left Malaysia for Melbourne, and another friend just got back from UK. Happy Valentine's Day "

The rings that bond them together.

A week ago, the much awaited wedding was finally here. It was my first up-close experience attending a wedding. Prior to this one, I had never attending any wedding before (minus the wedding dinner, I had attended once before this).

There were a lot of firsts' in this wedding for me - first time attending a wedding, and first time covering photo-shooting for a wedding.

Just married in S-Class

It was quite a tiring day, but it sure was fun! This is just a prelude to the wedding coverage. More to come soon. (I need time to go through the chunk of photos I took the other day, need to filter out some photos too. My count to date, I am having 700+ photos recorded. More filtering needed.)

The newlyweds.


thwen said...

Hey Allen!

The picture with the bells reminds me of Christmas... Nice!

Cheers, Hui Wen =)

allen said...

hui wen how's studies? =)
hehe.. yeah.. the bells are nice.. full coverage will follow suit.. soon! (i hope) =P

robin said...

more pictures liaw !!! ahahahaa...

Anyway, happy chinese new year dude...
Gong xi Gong xi !!