Monday, September 10, 2007

Pikom PC Fair @ KL Convention Center 2007

Early last month, I was in KL for a short holiday trip myself. Coincidentally, Pikom PC Fair KL was also held around that time.

After being back in Kuching since October 2006, I seriously miss the KL edition after seeing what they have in Kuching. We should have at least have better facilities to organize such event back here. Seriously, we turn a parking lot into an exhibition hall?

Since I arrived late night on Friday (actual time of arrival was just moments before the clock hit 12), I had no choice but to drop by on the following day. (My flight was retimed by our white-red airlines)

On Saturday, I set off to KLCC station after 10pm, and I got there way too early. The convention halls are not opened until 11am. Even so, they have already got crowds at that hour.

Going through the tunnel to KL Convention Center from Suria KLCC.

At the end of the tunnel, you'll have to go through the carpark area, which leads to the Convention hall.

This way to PC Fair.

A ride from PC Fair to Hotel? Anyone?

The crowds waiting for the time to make their entry.

The jagungs at the background.

Convention Center.

Twin Tower's H.

That's what you get to see before you enter the actual exhibition. More to come later. We shall see what they have in the halls for us, next.

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Soon Hui said...

Allen, I thought you hated KL so much??!