Thursday, September 27, 2007

happy belated mid-autumn festival

This post is a little bit late.

My computer clock shows 1:34 AM, 27 September 2007 now, and Mid-Autumn (中秋节) was on 25 September 2007.

I was in Carpenter Street on Sunday and Monday, to see if I could get any photography inspirations.

Here are some of the shots I had, which I think was one of the few nicest items you'll see there.

Beautifully decorated lanterns.

Even more beautifully decorated lanterns. I like this shot.



Time to sleep now. Goodnight.

End Note: I'm still working hard on the wedding photographs. Almost done. :)


Soon Hui said...

Mid Autumn-- guess i miss a lot of fun nowadays in KL...sigh

robin said...

darn, another thing i missed out while I am away from Kuching. Was back for last year one though, aaahahhahahaa...

allen said...

soon hui missing a lot already? :) come back lor.

robin hehe.. did i meet u last year?