Sunday, September 02, 2007

face of the week

One of the faces I got over the weekend photoshoot in Waterfront Kuching.
I was there for the Sarawak Ragetta 2007.

I'm saving the best for the last. My personal favorite after this post.


Pazuzu said...

eee.. i wanna see the other one ..

quick quick post liao ..

i haven't look at my regatta photos yet.. :P~

13th Panda said...

OH! no wonder i c u at holiday inn that day!

allen said...

pazuzu soon soon..

panda haha.. ya lor.. :P was there to shoot shoot ma..

thwen said...

Hmmm... I have a feeling that all three women had the same sort of smile, haha... Nice signature, by the way =)

allen said...

hui wen thanks htanks.. hahaha.. :P