Sunday, September 16, 2007

b.u.s.y. week+end

Weekend's over!
So many things happened, and I couldn't get time to update it here.

I was at Adverlet's bloggers' gathering at Starbucks Kuching, KIA on Saturday. And on today (Sunday), I had to cover a wedding. I just got back not too long ago. I had been awake since 5am this morning. I am in need of quality sleeping.

I'm sorry for the delay on the photos for Saturday's, but I promise to get it ready for you guys tomorrow.

I need to sleep now.



Soon Hui said...

So remember to keep your promise. You owe us a lot of pictures, ha!

annna said...

Sleep is very important orh...

If not enough sleep..... Will look like panda. xDD Jk!

Take a good rest..

allen said...

soon hui yeah.. remember. sorry for that la.

annnnnnnnnna yeah.. then i'd be come panda alien lor.. -_- couldn't tahan in office this morning.. until i got my dosage of coffee that is.

Ah PauL (xiao wang zi) said...

haha... yalor, the zoo is lack of panda now.. but dun worry, they only want furry one.. keke.. btw, coffee too much is not good for body.. rest more lar!