Tuesday, July 24, 2007


There are so much to talk about lately.

Malaysian FA, Malaysian Football, 'Concerns' with the use of English as teaching medium, Politics, Critics & Many more.

I wish I could write on those, I want to...


Then again, will my voice be heard with my write up? Will they even bother?
Things are not well.

Not even for me.

I need to think about what I do now, and should seriously think about it.I need to plot a better future now.

Till then. Ciao.


robin said...

plot a better future.
Like taking over the world.


allen said...

i wish.. robin boy...

thwen said...

Plotting for a better future, eh? All the best, Allen! And if you really want to voice out your opinions, go for it!

allen said...

hui wen yeah. will voice it out soon. drafting. :D
go go go!