Tuesday, July 10, 2007

new mobile experience in town

It is finally here.

The new mobile experience has arrived in town on 29/06/2007.

The new buzz in town - Sheer Unique, brings a new level of experience to Kuching. Sheer Unique mark their stamp on new mobile lifestyle with their conceptual showroom, showcasing the mobile phones to the consumers.

In conjunction of their grand opening, Sheer Unique had held a mobile fair from 29 June - 1 July 2007 at DUBS Commercial Complex. Among those present at the grand opening were Kenny Sia and John Lee. Too bad, I didn't get to take their actual photos.

Sheer Unique brings in quite a range of mobile phones, which are worth checking out. Among the hottest items in town are HTC Touch. HTC are the manufacturers for Dopod mobile phones, and have recently signed acquisition agreement with Dopod International.

You can check this print ad out on our local newspaper The Borneo Post.

More product introductions to follow in upcoming posts. Please do drop over at Sheer Unique to check out the HTC phone. It's really cool with the TouchFLO™ feature, which is quite a breakthrough in the touch screen technology.

Experience it yourself only at Sheer Unique, your mobile boutique in town.

They are located at DUBS Commercial Complex (Behind HSBC Building).


babyphoenix said...

nice shop!
nice design as well :D

allen said...

thank yo thank you! :)